Friday, April 24, 2009

Devilpen redux!

Here are some pics of a new Ganpen I tossed togezzer as a birthday gift for my friend!

It was a bit of a rush job because I've been pretty busy as of late. To compound the problem, the "F" key on my keyboard fell off, so I have to press this tiny rubber's really throwing me off.

Anyway, this is a redone Devilpen with a reversed color scheme. Here is the old one for comparison! The horns are a little more shapely, and the tail isn't pointy. I also used Montana Gold "Anthracite" colored spray paint and some Testors Zinc Yellow enamel for the feet. Not bad, but if I had more time, it could've looked a little more polished.

I have about 4 blank Ganpen figures with me here and have enough material to make a small handfull more back at home. Over the summer, I plan on going into production overdrive and fix together some new penguins! Or maybe make a redone design! Who knows. While I really want to stay in the city, there is a lot to be done at home. Only three weeks left in school!

Happy stuff

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Jessica said...

jordann!!! its mee lol hahaha love ur penguin and i want oneee