Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Blank Canvas

What will be on it? Only time will tell.

Or a professor giving us our next project.

Whatever the case, it needs to be sanded and another coat of gesso applied.

In other news, I've mostly settled in to my apartment. I moved in 3 weeks ago and have spent most of that time organizing, cleaning, and trying to get some portfolio work done. Here's a little tour!

The main space. Being a Chelsea studio, it's just over 7 feet wide. Looks a lot smaller than it actually feels. Check out the painting over the futon! It was actually on the frame that the blank canvas is currently on...penny pinching artist!

The home entertainment system. Recently started watching Pushing Daisies on DVD. It's a shame it was canceled. Also burned through Firefly and the movie continuation Serenity. Why do such amazing shows get canceled?

The wardrobe. Socks, undies, and pants. Shirts and jeans are in my closet.

The kitchen! Note the case of Shin Ramyun on top of the cabinet.

And, of course, my work space! Purchased this lovely drafting table, chair, and lamp as a bundle from Utrecht on 23rd. Right above my table is my budding Wall of Ancient Chinese Wisdom:

Good for keeping morale up.

And when you spin around, you're at me digital work station! Or something like that. Could use another bookshelf to put stuff on or something.

And that about sums it up for now. Classes start tomorrow and I have a bit of preparation to do. Stay tuned for updates on my artwork! Promise I'll update often!