Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home Base

If you didn't know, today is the eve of the release of Watchmen! I got tickets to a midnight premiere up here in the city and that's a good....7 hours or so away.

Because I love you guys (not cuz I need to kill time!), here's a new blog post!

Inspired by this post by my friend Julie, here's a little look at my work station in my room.

I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk on the computer. In fact, my productivity would probably increase tenfold if Facebook didn't exist. Or computers in general...My desk is quite cluttered as well.

The view from the front! Note the website! Check out Dudecraft for awesome craft projects and ideas. Another plug for ya, Mr.O!

Here are is my collection of toys up in New York.

I absolutely love Gundam models. It's a chance for me to see how action figures are made without going to a factory! These particular models are from Gundam 00, the latest anime series. I just started building these things again after a good five or six year break and was amazed at how Bandai's modeling technology has progressed. The gundam models I built in middle school were like stick figures compared to these things! Really fun to build, study, and play with.

Here are some Transformers! I got back into Transformers when the movie came out in 2007. These are from the Transormers Animated line. What I love about these are the design; the Transormers Animated cartoon has a very distinct, stylized anime-ish aesthetic to it. These toys capture that aesthetic very well without compromising playability at all. When these toys were first unveiled, I was dumbfounded by their awesomeness.

Some Japanese action figures and a Ganpen that needs some repairs...
The one on the left is a Figma Lelouch and the far right one is a Revoltech robot with a long name from Full Metal Panic. These guys are mad posable and have excellent craftsmanship. Very fun to play with.

Wall decorations! Wooo!

Here's a project my friend Kara did using my face as a reference. The idea is to write a few short lines, photograph someone reading them dramatically, then use those photos to make a comic strip that doesn't necessarily have to be in order. Cool, huh?

Some books! Note all the Watchmen stuff. All of the Watchmen books are signed by relevent people; the artist Dave Gibbons and the movie's photographer, Clay Enos. Also note the Ashley Wood books. Kinda hard to see, but I have Lore, Zomvies v. Robots Complete, Popbot Complete (until vol.8 comes out, anyway...), and a few art books.

And sitting five feet away is my entertainment system! A 23 inch lcd monitor with a TV tuner, cheap speakers from Kmart, my PS3, and lotsa games! Woo! Good for relaxing but I don't use it all that much.

That's pretty much all that's interesting. I've been thinking about getting back into using deviantART again. I want to put up pics of my paintings of models from class, but don't know if I want to put them up here. If you have thoughts about it, post a comment!