Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More work!

Here are the latest versions of the 2D design project. It's the same broken name design, but using value to create form differences.

Both are pretty metal-esque, yeah? The first one may imply some sort of obsession with blades and other pointy objects. The second is sorta like some metal animal thingies on a neutral background.

Here's a painting I did in Painting I. We use oil (almost) exclusively, this is the first time I've ever used oil paint (well, second or third time in class). This is also the first time painting on an actual canvas. Oh, and this is also also the first time I've painted with a palette knife. Last week in painting, we've finally started using brushes with our oil paints.

It's a greyscale painting of a Morandi painting. We've been looking at a lot of his work in this class because of the way he uses color. We actually haven't seen any of his paintings in color yet, just these greyscale photocopies that we make paintings of. There's a Morandi exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art over here, which we'll be visiting Thursday. Should be interesting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3D Design: Funnest class so far?

So here are some pics of my first 3D Design class project. The basic idea is to create a 3D form using 13 parallel planes. I didn't want to do something boring, so I came up with this:

I'm not religious or anything, but the cross is a simple form that looks complex in this context.

The center piece is a 7x7 inch square. For the first piece, each corner has a .5 inch square cut out. Every plane after that has another half inch cut out until you arrive at the cross, which is 1 inch wide on all four arms.

A time consuming project, but really fun. I like constructing things.

Our next project is a bit more complicated. More details on that one later.

More 2D Design

So, here are the projects for 2D design. We're taking the name design idea further by taking one of the designs and creating a more geometrical composition.

I took this one:

And turned it into this:

After that, we had to rearrange the shapes. Mine turned out like this:

I think they look too similar, but there are some interesting negative spaces.

This is the next part of the project, using line to define the shapes instead of solid black and white.

Not sure how I feel about it, but it's interesting.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Current Projects

Life so far in the city has been quite nice. After getting past the noise and mess of the city, it doesn't seem all that much different from Durham. Just bigger.

Here are some pictures of my first 2D design class project. We first had to do various compositions using our names, then use a viewfinder to zoom in on three areas to enlarge. This project is about figure/ground relationship and positive and negative space.

Taken from a "broken letters" name composition.

From a "large and small letters" composition.

Overlapping letters