Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3D Design: Funnest class so far?

So here are some pics of my first 3D Design class project. The basic idea is to create a 3D form using 13 parallel planes. I didn't want to do something boring, so I came up with this:

I'm not religious or anything, but the cross is a simple form that looks complex in this context.

The center piece is a 7x7 inch square. For the first piece, each corner has a .5 inch square cut out. Every plane after that has another half inch cut out until you arrive at the cross, which is 1 inch wide on all four arms.

A time consuming project, but really fun. I like constructing things.

Our next project is a bit more complicated. More details on that one later.

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mirella said...

Oh wow Jordan! I really like this 3D construction- I love all the different sides of it, it seems to be a totally different structure every time you turn it.