Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More work!

Here are the latest versions of the 2D design project. It's the same broken name design, but using value to create form differences.

Both are pretty metal-esque, yeah? The first one may imply some sort of obsession with blades and other pointy objects. The second is sorta like some metal animal thingies on a neutral background.

Here's a painting I did in Painting I. We use oil (almost) exclusively, this is the first time I've ever used oil paint (well, second or third time in class). This is also the first time painting on an actual canvas. Oh, and this is also also the first time I've painted with a palette knife. Last week in painting, we've finally started using brushes with our oil paints.

It's a greyscale painting of a Morandi painting. We've been looking at a lot of his work in this class because of the way he uses color. We actually haven't seen any of his paintings in color yet, just these greyscale photocopies that we make paintings of. There's a Morandi exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art over here, which we'll be visiting Thursday. Should be interesting.

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