Friday, May 1, 2009

Doing It.

Well, I've been debating on whether or not I should upload these paintings. Being an art student, I have to draw and make paintings of many nude models. But, being a would-be toy designer, I want to keep this site family friendly and paintings of naked people are usually reserved for the high school crowd...

An hour ago, I thought, 'Screw it, I wanna talk about naked people paintings!'

So, here I am! LET'S RAWK! If naked people aren't to your liking, then...suck it up and deal with it! IT'S ART!!!!!!

This is from the first semester. Remember all those fruits and still life paintings from before? Well, this was the final for that class. I think we had two 6-hour sessions to work on it. I'm really proud of the face, but that's about it. It was really tricky to just jump right in and paint.

Fast forward to this semester, after my self-portrait. Our next painting was a sitting nude figure against a backdrop. Initially, I was pretty happy with how this painting came out. But every time I look at it, I become a little less satisfied. I feel like I relied too much on dark brown lines to define the figure, especially around the torso. I also wish that I had a more frontal view of the face. Faces are probably my favorite thing to draw or paint. Something that I benefited from while working on this painting is the drapery. I learned a lot about how to paint folds.

Next up is this fellow! It seemed like every painting pr drawing class had him as a male model. Anyway, here I really started to get a balance with the skin tone. Not too much reliance on lines and more of a tonal shift to indicate form and light, especially at the legs. The mission was to paint a sitting nude in space as opposed to against a backdrop. Some of the space is fabricated or adjusted to fit the needs of the painting, which is pretty cool. We got to drift away from what we see and focus more on the "Plastic Space," as my Professor calls it. This painting isn't finished and I feel like I should put a few more hours into it before it's complete.
Here is a closeup of the figures. Like I said, I love painting faces. The face of the model was mostly done over one class period. Same with my classmate. One day, she decided to get grey/ blueish highlights and I decided to change the painting to reflect that.

We were working on this painting when, seemingly out of nowhere, another model appeared and we started a new one!

And that brings us to my current painting. I believe we have two or three more sessions with it. The assignment was to paint a reclining model. Originally, we were supposed to be able to create a setting for her, but as everyone's paintings progressed, I guess that idea got dropped.

It's really fun to compare this drapery to the previous paintings'. I've still got work to do with the blue-green one and the yellow cloth on the right. Something that's been giving me difficulty is the face. I'm at a really awkward angle. Not only is her face foreshortened, but it's turned to the left and she seems to move her head every time I look. I'm afraid that the nose looks too much like a pig's snout and her chin's shadow looks too much like a goatee. I can't say that it looks very much like the model.

Well, that about sums it up. It's really cool to look back and see how I've progressed as a painter. Next semester, we have two painting classes: Figure Painting and Abstract Painting. Not looking forward to Abstract; I can never seem to wrap my head around abstract art. Honestly, all I can ever say is, "That's interesting," or, "That sucks." Really looking forward to figure painting and working with multiple models.

Look forward to another blog post very soon. Maybe even over the weekend. I have much progress to post about in Printmaking class.

Carry on,

P.S., if you want to see what the last painting looked like on Tuesday, my friend Deanna took a pic of it:


Deanna said...

d'awwww, thanks for mentioning my picture.
And as for the painting from last semester, I rather like it. I think the way the paint is applied is very uniform throughout and just WORKS together..idk, that's just me, though. haha

Julie said...

oooh, your paintings are very nice. I think my favorite would have to be the reclining woman... that green is just so... green! it looks so plush. I want to curl up in it.

Obviously, I am not a fine arts major as that is the best I can do as far as *why* I like it. :) But I do.

Also.... I totally saw the tag you did (I assume it was you, anyway) on the dry erase board next door. :D fun.

KawaiiBakadesu88 said...

Deanna! Well, I see what yer sayin', I just suppose I could push it more all around.

I think I made the greens really green 'cuz green is my favorite color. But yes, those fabrics seem like they would be quite nice to lay in.

Your reasoning is good enough!

Indeed, it was I tho tagged their board! I do it to random people lots.