Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sculpture and MORE!

Edit: Added some pics of real-Marcel!

Man, no update in over a month! My bad, peeps, my bad. To make up for it, here are some photos of my recently artwork! Up top here is a Ganpen linoleum print I did in Printmaking class. I have a number of other experimental prints that I might upload later. If you haven't seen my movies or don't know about the greatest mobster of all time, check it out now!


Up next is the sculpture I've been working on since the start of the semester. It's a portrait of my friend Marcel. In class, we paired up and sculpted our partner's head. This is probably the most expensive project we've had; the clay and supplies cost over $130! That's more than all my art supplies in my sophomore year of high school!

It's a pretty hefty sculpture, too. A solid 9-ish bricks of oil clay went into Marcel's head. It was a great project! All of the other classes sculpted from a model while we got to work from classmates. Our next project is a reclining nude figure, which is shaping up pretty well.


So, right now I'm in the middle of spring break! It's been pretty cool, but it hasn't felt like much of a break. I actually have a decent amount of work to do ( 8-10 page analysis research paper....=_=), but a lot of it has been put on hold because of a little challenge a friend and I have going on. We have to complete a sketchbook by the end of the break! That's 184 pages in 7 days. I'm not far at all and it's unlikely that I'll finish in time, but....A CHALLENGE IS A CHALLENGE! So far I've done 23 pages. If I were on schedule, I'd be on page 80-something by the end of today. But I think I'll get started on that paper instead...

That about sumps it up for now. I'll try and update more often! I have a lot of paintings, but they're of nudes so I don't know if I should find somewhere else to host them. It's already Wednesday! Only 4 days left in the break.

Wishing there were more hours in the day,


Anonymous said...

Nothing like some penguin mobsters with one's oatmeal! Heehee. I like your sculpture, especially the ear. It's almost eerily earlike. :)

KawaiiBakadesu88 said...


I'm rather fond of the nose, myself. Marcel has an interesting nose. I kind of feel like the face is a little too angular.

Apparently, the girls in class prefer the sculpture to the actual Marcel.