Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two From A Series and More Progress

Finally, an update featuring actual Abstract Paintings!

Here are the two paintings from the series of four that I am working on right now. The one on the left is based off of this sketch:
And the other is based off this image from a previous blog post. The colors on both ended up being modified quite a bit. It's getting a little frustrating to keep everything parallel and squared. I have two more paintings to do and our professor is shooting for a deadline in two weeks, so I've quite a bit of work to do yet.

In other news, here's the latest progress on my self-portrait. We only have one more session to work. Again, I have a lot of stuff to do: Thicken the wrist, finish painting the hand, paint the apron, highlight the hair, add facial hair...those are the basics. It's really tough to paint a hand while posing...

Other classes are going well. Life Drawing is getting better, Photography is interesting, and Intro to Toy Design is a lot of work. I'm also taking a Mayan Art course, which is really interesting. I'll post some work from my other classes sometime soon. Time is running short-the Toy Design home tests are due March 6th!


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