Saturday, February 6, 2010

Abstract Sketches

So for Abstract Painting last semester, we had to make around...3 or 4 sketches a week to develop ideas for our next painting. I'm actually glad that Professor Jeff Way made us do these sketches for a grade because I think it's a habit that should really be developed. This tradition is carrying through to this semester (though not quite so formally, I'm not sure if we're being graded) for our first project:

Make a series of 4 paintings based off of a painting you did last semester.

I really loved this one, so I decided to develop it further.

Here is a sketch of the next painting in the series.
Horizontal format, 30" x 50"

As for the other three...well, I'll get to those later. There are a billion different ways this series could play out, so be sure to stay tuned! Here are a few scans of watercolor sketches from last semester, some of which you should recognize.

Abstracted ukulele!

The organic one...

This last idea wasn't realized, but I do like the thought of a spiral and I might work that into another painting.

In other news, I have a smaller blank canvas hanging out at my apartment for me to do something of my own on. Maybe I'll do another self-portrait, but I'd rather paint a pretty lady's face. Any takers?

'Till next time,

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