Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Self portrait re-re-re-re-MIX!

So here is a very bad cell phone photo of out first Figurative Painting project: A larger-than-life self portrait. This is on a 3' x 5' canvas. The very same canvas that was the star of my last post, in fact! It's pretty close to the first self-portrait I did last year. Almost a bit too similar, but the inclusion of my hand tosses something new to the mix. My middle finger is pushing my eyebrow and eyelid up, which is why that side of the face looks funny. Actually, a lot of things look funny in the drawing...but this is just underpainting. Once everything gets colored in, I'm sure it'll look better.

Just to be safe, I'm going to start using a mirror that I don't have to hold. It's hard to paint a hand when it's holding something!

I'll keep you guys posted on progress.


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