Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A quick blog update for my peeps!
Here are some cell phone pics I took earlier this evening during printmaking class. These were made on Rives BFK 230 GSM paper.

For this first one, I slapped some watercolor onto a piece of acetate and ran that through the press with a piece of soaked printing paper. After letting it dry a little, I took some printing ink and traced a drawing I did of my friend onto a piece of acetate and ran it through the press again. I'm hoping to do something a little more advanced next week, maybe with some stencils and stuff like that. I do think I'll stick with the figure motif though, because I really like the image.

This second print was inspired by this post on DudeCraft. I really wanted to have one to hang on my wall or on my room's door, so I tossed one together in class by rolling some ink onto a piece of acetate and scraping off the ink for the letters. I did have to write backwards, which is why the "a" is facing the wrong direction. I made another one without the "OR ELSE!"

I did a number of other prints, but I only took a few pics because I forgot my camera =_=. Expect a few more down the line, along with some painting pictures!

Learning to be like water,

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