Sunday, September 20, 2009

Drapes and Corners

Here are some quick shots of my first projects in Figurative Painting.

The first is a painting of drapes we have set up in the class room. It's done with a limited oil palette of reds (Cadmium and Alizarin Crimson), blues (Ultramarine, Cobalt, and Cerulean Hue), and yellows (Hansa and Lemon), as well as white. We also were limited to a palette knife for the majority of the project. Some people used brushes to help apply the paint, but I decided not to cuz I'm hardcore like that (not!).

And here's a pic of the section of drapes. A lot of stuff shifted around.

This is our first homework project for Figurative Painting. Here's the basic prompt:
Paint a corner of the room with a viewfinder. Focus on color and lighting effects of the angles and stuff.

It needs another hour or two of work, which I'll knock out tomorrow. The painting is noticeably darker than the photo, but I kinda like the atmosphere. I also shifted stuff around, like making the lamp bigger and cutting down on the ceiling space.

I've got sculpture tomorrow, so expect an update on what's happening in that class sometime soon, as well as some more pics of these paintings whenever they're finished!

On a totally unrelated note, I saw Ingrid Michaelson at Webster Hall on Wednesday. It was my first actual concert and was a pretty awesome experience. The venue was really cool and reminded me of The Killers' "Mr.Brightside" video. Actually, they have very little in common...Maybe it reminded me of The White Stripes' "My Doorbell" video.

Woo, tangent!

Anyway, it was a really, really awesome show. I feel like Ingrid's lyrics speak to me, with themes of love, hope, and fantasy with a touch of bitter angry person. This personal songwriting style, coupled with the fact that she plays ukulele makes her one of my favorite artists I've learned about recently. I highly recommend her latest album, "Everybody." Also thanks to homie Julie, who brought Ingrid to my attention!

Here is Ingrid's Youtube channel. Also look into the songs "Soldier," "Far Away," "Die Alone," and "The Chain."

And so it goes, this soldier knows,
the battle with the heart isn't easily won.

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