Saturday, July 25, 2009

Operation: Nursery = SUCCESS! And more!

After 2.5 weeks of planning and painting, the nursery is finally complete! I can now resume my normal summer life of sitting around and trying to be productive (and failing)

The entrance

Right corner

Left Corner

The hillside/crib wall

Complimentary Color Tractor. Coincidentally, those were my high school colors. Not done on purpose...I wanted something else purple (other than Grumpydactyl) and I had some extra yellow sitting out.

Becker Dam and Lake feat. Grupydactyl, Elie the Corgi, and the Duck Duck Family.

Barn of Boxes with solar panels and Mudpigs

Zoomed-out picture of main wall


The last day was spent primarily painting the sky and clouds. I didn't buy enough of the light blueish white to cover the whole ceiling, so I had to mix another light blue, which is why there's a huge white cloud and a lot of blue. I think it worked out well. The edges of the ceiling clouds and all of the wall clouds were painted using a sponge.

I had a lot of fun painting the room and look forward to Baby Becker crawling around...then walking around....then wondering why his/her uncle is so awesome...then wanting to paint the room black. Crazy kids!

Anyway, it was nice to get out of the house for a while and do something where I had a lot of creative freedom.


Summer is almost over! I have less than a month before I get to move back into the dorms at FIT. August 20th can't come sooner. I'm starting to run out of things to do here!

With the last month or so of summer, I finally actually have stuff that I want to get done.

First up is this Bayonetta art contest. Basically, you have to draw your own version of the crazy femme fatale with lady with guns and e-mail it to Wizard for fan voting. I've never been good at drawing smexy females, so I kinda wanna dive this a try, as poorly as it might turn out.

Second, I opened up an Etsy account. I don't have anything on my store, but I did see some cool Ukulele Straps and decided to invest in one. If I ever put something up on the shop, I'll post it here! I'd like to make a few Ganpens to put up on the site. I can't believe I didn't think about Ganpen on Etsy before...

If ya have a Twitter, check me out!


In the past, I've tried to keep my nerdiness under covers, but...
This is out right now. I want it SO badly. I LOVE Gundam models and Exia is one of my favorites. The Ignition Mode comes with extra parts! IN CHROME! SOAWESOME!


That about does it, folks! Expect another update whenever I decide to get of my lazy arse and do some artwork. I haven't been painting at all this summer (oil painting, anyway) so I expect I'll be really rusty when I get back to school. I haven't been drawing anywhere near the amount I should, but I'm working on that by starting up an art boot camp to get myself ready for the coming school year.

Looking forward to the end!
Of summer, that is.



Sai said...

You are doing the art contest? You must run it over by me!

KawaiiBakadesu88 said...

Well, I might.
I'll at least work on something.