Saturday, December 12, 2009

Final Abstract Painting of the semester

Above is the final abstract painting of the semester. Inspired by Loch Ness Monster, bamboo, love, and combat. I have to have it completed by Tuesday morning for our end-of-semester Cluster Review. Last year, it was a mid-semester deal...This time, we have more work and all of it is on a larger scale.

In addition, I have to finish my second sculpture (which is a long way from being done) and make a little pamphlet/catalog/booklet thingy describing my process for it. Busy, busy next few days.

Adding to the busy-ness of the next few days is my recent apartment-getting! I found an apartment for next semester and the lease has already started. I gotta move all of this:
And more by the end of next week into this:

It's bigger than it looks, but I hope I don't have too much crap...More pics later!

Looking forward to the end,


Anonymous said...

Can I ask why you are combining the Loch Ness Monster, Bamboo, love and Combat in a painting. What is the significance of this combination?

PandaWolf said...

Well, it was sort of a natural evolution. It began with an idea of intertwining forms and gradually other elements were incorporated. There is no real significance to me.
Hope that answered the question!