Thursday, February 26, 2009

Self-Portrait and OVER 1000!

Here's the first painting project of the semester. I meant to upload it much earlier, but I kept on forgetting to bring a camera so I could take a higher quality shot of it...So you'll have to settle for these cell phone pics.

I started with a quick charcoal drawing and light washes of color. Then I blocked in the skin tone and the white of the shirt.

Next I fill in the background and slap on a few more layers of paint. Then I added my mustachio and chin hairs! Incidentally, this was painted by looking at myself through a mirror.

Here's the end result. I added the wrinkle in the bottom right at the suggestion of my professor to counter the motion of the hair. It doesn't look all that much like me, probably because I did a funny raised-eyebrow expression and had a top-down angle on my face. But I had fun painting it and am learning a lot.

On another note, I have accumulated 1,125 page views! Yatta! Thanks for coming to my website and having some interest in the work of a will-be toy designer. I'll try to update more frequently! Promise!


Anonymous said...

Ver ver cool! I liked seeing the different stages of your self portrait.

Sai said...

why is it not OVER 9000!!!

jcSTRYLINE said...

Dude Jordan thats pretty sick. nice!